Sunday, December 13, 2009

Things you should know about me

Can you identify the location of this picture?

I always sneeze 4 times

I love A Prairie Home Companion and don't think that makes me and old lady, Nipper

My favorite color is jadite green not pink as some people would imagine

I love almost anything that is pale pale pale peachy pink. NOT baby pink

I lost my virginity way too young, but not in a woe is me kind of way, just more of a huh, that was dumb kind of way

I hate hypocrisy, but I think late night televangelists are super entertaining

Cinnamon is my favorite ice cream flavor

Ira Glass is hot

I was wild when I was younger but it was mostly an act, except when it wasn't

I love clementines but don't really care for oranges

I think it's funny that Nipper Knapp HATES Rilke. It's like what did Rilke ever do to you?

If I had a superpower it would be getting stupid people to stop talking to me, or around me, or just period, also I would ban things that smell bad, but that's more of a supreme being power than  superpower

I'm in desperate need of new underwear, but can't find anything I like

In 1995 I went to Mexico by myself and didn't tell anyone but my drinking buddy, a priest named Alberto

I asked for an epidural when I got to 6

I've worn Chanel No. 5 for the last 15 years

I love sushi, but hate cooked fish

I'm pretty sure that the giant ficus trees that line the streets in California are my favorite tree

I think the California pepper could give the ficus a run for it's money

I'm the most sentimental person I know

My hair color is Nice and Easy 103 in case you were wondering

I have a supersonic sense of smell

All of my names are aliases


  1. great post. nice and easy 103? good to know. so where's the picture location?

  2. Well since no one even bothered to guess... It's 1995 Havana Cuba, just before New Years. That guy is a babaloa (a santeria priest) and that little girl was there waiting to be cured of something. Later on they sacrificed a rooster, but I was too (apologies for the pun) chicken to stick around. That's me in the middle with the college girl hair in case you didn't know.

  3. i'm always trying to find a new blonde hair color "box" but now that my base color is medium brown (sob) it always turns a little orangish. is your base still blonde?

    btw, LOVE john hamm, LOVE robert downey wonder we were/are friends.

  4. I'm pretty sure my hair is some kind of brown under here. I seem to recall a year in college where I didn't dye it, and I think it was very ash brown. I haven't looked in years. I only let it get a tiny bit grown out before I bleach the hell out of it. I just switched from the medium neutral to the light neutral. I think it's a little orange, but I'm tacky, and have a baby, so I can't be bothered. If I still had some you know...dignity, I'd probably pay to have someone do it properly.