Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Icing on the cake

SO after what I would call kind of a shit day, Nipper Knapp surprised me a Christmas present. My mom arrived this afternoon to spend the holiday with us. He has been conspiring with her, and his mom, and Sadie and our agent for weeks to have the perfect dress up date night!

They sent his to Anthropolgie for the dress I wanted but complained I had no occasion that I could wear it to (Thanks Meema). They sent him to Cicada where I've always wanted to eat (Thanks Sadie). And my mom is going to put Jack to bed (Thanks Mom).

To surprise me, even MORE, my mom gave me my Christmas present early. It's a necklace with three diamonds, one for me, Nipper, and Jack, and a beautiful pearl to signify whatever else is to come. Maybe a girl named Pearl?:)

Ladies, can I pick em, or can I pick em. I love that Nipper Knapp! And I love all the ladies in my life for steering him right...

Ok, I have to go wash my armpits before we go out, because I don't think they smell very romantic right now.


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