Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My sous chef

Nipper's mom came for a visit last Thursday which also happened to be her birthday. Jack and I made her a four layer lemon cake with lemon curd and fresh whipping cream in between the layers and topped with more fresh whipping cream. We've got this little wooden stool with sides called the kitchen helper that puts him right up at counter level, so he can crack eggs and stir. He's pretty helpful for a two year old...

Once it was finished I sent him out of the kitchen and carefully placed the Happy Birthday candles. But the shelf in the fridge was too low, and the cake wouldn't fit with the candles on it. SO... I took the candles off and had Nipper move the dag gumb shelf. We were able to just squeak it in, and keep it cool until she arrived later that night. When we took it out, I let Jack arrange the candles. Here's what it looked like when I did it:

Here's what it looked like when Jack did his clearly superior decorating job:

And here's what it looked like when we were all eating it for breakfast the next morning:

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