Saturday, December 26, 2009

Francis Francis... almost.

My good friend Allie embroidered this tea towel for me Christmas. She knew I wanted the Francis Francis espresso machine and I'm prolly never going to find it. It's perfect and I love it! Also, when we were talking to Jack about the cookie party the day after, and asking him which of his friends he liked playing with the most, he said "Josh and Allie". They are 26. Perfect.

Oh and our friend Kathy, mother of the adorable Bea, brought me the flowers in the picture. If I was a bouquet that might be me. And all those clementines are from the Smacksy lady, who turns out to be a neighbor of mine (sort of, in an LA kind of way).

Feeling kind of loved this Christmas. Just sayin...

1 comment:

  1. Love the tea towel and therefore Allie and her awesome sense of humor. I must admit I checked Denver Craigslist for you, but to no avail. I expect this will turn out like the Anthropologie shower curtain. Fingers crossed.