Thursday, December 3, 2009

Oh my darling Clementine

When we were looking for a house, I kept saying that all I wanted was a yard with an orange tree in it. We found our house, and it had zero orange trees in it. For a housewarming gift we received two kumquat trees, one that we have in a large pot, and one in the ground. I also received a blood orange tree from Kelly when she moved back to Nashville. I added a lemon, and a lime, and last but not least a clementine. Clementines are really the only citrus we eat on a regular basis, besides lemons and limes which we cook with. So of course the Clementines took their sweet time to fruit. Everything else had tons of fruit the last few years, especially the kumquat, which I don't really like to eat, but think are so pretty to look at.

Finally this year, I got 6 precious Clementines, and they are delicious. I was sad to find out they're not seedless, but I'll live. I'm so ungrateful...

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