Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ronna and Beverly

Jamie Denbo and Jessica Chaffin have been doing their Ronna and Beverly show on stage at UCB for years. They're show is one of the hottest comedy tickets in town. In the show they play two Jewish divorcees with LOTS of opinions. They've given a bit of their wit and wisdom to almost everyone in Hollywood. Here's a pic of Beverly (played by Denbo) with Jon Hamm of Mad Men. Yum!

Daily Variety said the pilot script made them laugh out loud. They describe the pilot as: "Ronna, played by Chaffin, and Beverly, played by Denbo, are many-times-divorced, longtime friends who write a dating guide for Jewish singles, "You'll Do a Little Better Next Time," and are relentless about finding ways to promote their tome. (Think a Jewish "Ab Fab," set in Boston.)"

If you have Showtime you must watch this show THIS Monday at 9:05 ET or 12:05 PT and again on December 29th on Showtime 2 at the same time. Or set your dvr if you're going to be out for some holiday wingding. You don't want to miss these funny ladies. Denbo and Chaffin developed the show with Jenji Kohan the creator of Weeds. Showtime is showing the pilot, but has not yet ordered a season. Check them out, and then write your congressman or tell your city council person (or SHOWTIME) you DEMAND more Ronna and Beverly.

SUPPORT WOMEN IN COMEDY!!! Women in Hollywood. Women in the world. Because frankly these are some smart funny bitches and they deserve loads of success.

You can also check out some of their stuff on Funny or Die and their Ronna and Beverly website.

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