Monday, December 28, 2009

Just a few days left!

Don't forget to order you're L'uvalla skin care products and get 15% off using the promotion code: MARIJA15. Only until the end of December. If you miss the dates, you can also get it at your local Whole Foods. Their eye/lip cream is kind of to die for y'all.


  1. did you know there is this new rule for bloggers that if you are getting paid for promoting products you have to say so? i'm not saying you are...just reminded me.
    you missed a fun night in a2! drew, kathy, kevin, lampman brothers, etc

  2. Oh! They aren't paying me! I wish they were. sigh... I do use their stuff though. And I know the woman who owns the company, so I told her I'd write her shizzle up on my blog. BC you know at least 22 people read this, and 4 of them have jobs, so... I figured it would catch fire, like this whole interwebs phenomena. Next thing you know Michele Obama will be talking about it on Oprah, and my readers will be like "Mrs Nipper Knapp INVENTED that shit".