Sunday, December 27, 2009

I made this

I got the bright idea this summer that I would embroider re-usable grocery bags for my sister-in-laws. 6 months later, I have finished one of them. I rule! Ok, so the other one is on it's way, I just ran out of the fabric I was going to use to line it. Oh, and hours in the day. I used Sublime Stitching's Sexy Librarian pattern for the embroidery, and some vintage buttons that I got from my neighbor when we lived in Hollywood. He had a GIANT jar of them, and now I'm mad that I didn't pick out more of them. Here are some pics of the bag I did finish.

My secret button stash


  1. My comment didn't post? WTF. Basically I said, I too am a sister in law so if in 6 months I don't receive one of these lovelies, f'in heads are going to roll. Just puttin it out there.

  2. And I covet my bag! I can't wait to use it. It's even cooler in person than it is in the picture.

    Marija rules!