Tuesday, November 22, 2011

santa baby

Are you talking to me?

 You must be talking to me

You talkin to ME? 

I'm the only one here, you must be talking to me

Let's do this thing! Any of you crabby grinchypants that want to harumph about it being too early for Christmas can take it up with congress, because as of 4pm tomorrow, it is countdown to Santa time around here.

For the most part, the last three months have been SUCK CITY, around here. So we're putting it all away for the next 6 weeks. Gonna put our troubles on the back burner and try to enjoy the season. They'll still be there in January, so why let them ruin my favorite time of year? This is the only 1st Christmas, Charlie Truman is going to have, (and the only 4th Christmas for Jack! SOB. 4!) and I'm not going to let grown up stuff get in the way of making it magical the way Christmas should be when you're a kid.

One of my favorite pics of Jack from his 1st Christmas

Jack and I are going to cook all day Thursday while Nipper Knapp curses football calls, and tells us funny things people are tweeting. Charlie will mostly just be gnawing on his hammer (should I be worried the hammer is his favorite toy?), and wishing he could eat my porcini mushroom gravy. We'll go see the muppet movie, which I'm sure will make me verklempt.

My Kermit and Ms. Piggy puppets from when I was a kid. In case you wondered, I can do a spot on Ms. Piggy (shocking)

I hope that in this time of so much upheaval, and discomfort, for so many, that this week finds you all with friends, family, lots of mashed potatoes. And if it doesn't, then send me an email, and I'll send you a really dirty joke and hug to make it all better.

Happy Holidays everyone. I promise to write more. And I will because I'll be high on glitter and pine needles for the next 2 months. Watch out now! 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

let it snow let it snow let it snow

You guys. I'm sorry. I have been busy. It's true. But that's not why I've been away. I have FORSAKEN YOU! I'm the worst bloginatrix ever. We've been dealing with some stuff and it has hijacked my ability to write, think, sleep... Good times.

Last week I had a chance to walk through Anthropologie by myself, for like 15 MINUTES. Staycation... And OH, the christmas decorations are in. I was at The Grove, and they were setting up the giant Christmas tree. Sadie said it greatly disturbed her, because it wasn't even Halloween. I wanted to tell her that if I could mainline that
Christmas tree I would.

It rained today. If I happen to drive by Home Depot tomorrow, and they happen to have christmas trees. I'm buying one. I need Christmas to start early this year.