Tuesday, December 15, 2009

lady in waiting

Last summer I saw this shower curtain at Anthropologie. I knew it was the perfect thing to tie our ugly bathroom together. I also knew I wasn't going to pay $118 for a shower curtain. SO I waited...and waited...and waited. It never went on sale of course and then one day it was gone. It wasn't on the website,  and it was no longer on display in the store.

I'm not a very good shopper. If I buy something full price I have debilitating buyers remorse. It actually makes me question my entire existence. What kind of person just walks into a store and buys what they want? A person without enough conflict in their life is who! But lately it seems like company's aren't making large runs of things. A lot of things sell out before they ever go on sale, and then I have to tell myself it wasn't meant to be. But a lot of the time I end up kicking myself for being so cheap.

The shower curtain stuck in my craw for some reason. I mean, the full price was crazy, but it was PERFECT!!! Damn damn damn. Then lo and behold, in the midst of a full blown self loathing session, I'm digging through sale room at Anthropologie last week and what do I see sitting on the shelf but two perfect little shower curtains 50% off. Yahoooooooo! I was triumphant! And SO virtuous.

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