Thursday, June 10, 2010

Your love is like a tidal wave...

The future Bruins in front of Royce Hall

I'm shaking my leg, tapping my foot, checking my iphone 13,000 times a minute. I don't think I could keep my eyeballs focused on one thing even if I tried. Yesterday we took Nipper's niece to UCLA to check out the campus. She's 12. We like to plant that seed early around here. I said "just a second" so many times, I think Nipper almost chucked my phone out the window of the car. For the record, reading email, and checking facebook while at a stop light is technically not a moving violation in my universe. I'm from Venus. At one point I was trying to push Jack in his stroller up a hill with one hand, while checking our page views on youtube.
"Would you like a hand with that?" 
"What? No? Huh? Oh. Sorry."

Our muffintop double would like to remain anonymous. She's like the dancer from Flashdance.

The response to "My Muffintop" has been so unbelievably positive that I'm overwhelmed. My mother emailed me last night and said WHO are the 2% idiots who gave it a Die vote? Oh mom... I'll get their home addresses for you. My little dream of doing my Lady Gaga dance of shame on Ellen has been dashed upon the hard rocks of network schedules. She's wrapped for the summer. Not that she was going to invite us on or anything. But you know, a girl's got to have goals. 

Some very smart people have said some very nice things. Here's one of them from a MAN BLOGGER (there, I said it) our good friend Andy over at The Paperball. Merci Beaucoup to you and your wafflers. 


  1. amazing! This has gone viral on my Facebook page, my girlfriend posted it on the La Leche League mother to mother forums and everyone has reposted it!! It is fabulous! It made me feel a little proud of my muffin top :D

  2. Hi there, I am the mother of two year old triplets, who had the tremendous joy of trying to shop for a wedding outfit this evening...I have posted to my facebook, where quickly all triplet Moms in the nation will become your adoring fans!

  3. See?! More Muffinto love! Thank you ladies! Spread the word! Triplets? Oy vey! My one two year old almost killed us:) And Yahoo for the La Leche moms! You can tell them that I think the muffintop is specifically designed to help nurse babies! It's the original "my breast friend".

  4. Awesome, Blossom!

    I think with your inspiration, the muffin top could become the new bee-stung lips...there's hope, anyway...

    THANK YOU for the (love-handle jiggling) laughs!


  5. that muffin top looks just like mine! minus the cool new wave belt. here's to all our tops.