Sunday, June 13, 2010

I'm kind of all over the place

Ok so it's true that I made this:

But I also made these (thanks for the raised bed Dad):

Oh and four ears of corn. But they're not ready for viewing yet. They still have their tassles on them.


  1. After watching that video over and over and over again (thank you Lisa Rae Rosenberg), I am convinced that I want to be your friend.


  2. My. Hero.

    Now I can sing that every time I squeeze into my jeans in the morning. It will make me happy.

  3. Your version is so catchy that I have already forgot how the original song goes... Thanks for sharing! I am now a new follower and look forward to your posts!

  4. You did a fantastic job on that video. I have editing envy for sure! Whomever was brave enough to bare their muffin top for the close up is my hero and way more gutsy than I!

  5. I cried after veiwing your video; it was a cathartic moment knowing I'm not the only one out there sportin' a top.

  6. You might be my new favorite person.