Sunday, June 20, 2010

Does this mean I have a problem?

I am incapable of withstanding a free sample offer. 

If you tell me I can get a 3 cent sample of your hair cream, or face mask, or primer (I was hoping primer was like spackle, it's not) I will spend $150 to get it. Damn you Sephora. The worst part is that I never use it, and I can't throw it away because it's all too precious. I keep thinking I'll use it on vacation. I'll pack it in my suitcase to be SO efficient. But that never happens. Apparently I can now add "hoarder" to my list of skills. 

What about this:
I should also note that I've basically been wearing the same make-up since the late 90's. What is all of this stuff? Hope in a jar, my ass.

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  1. I cannot contain myself any longer. I do believe we might be twins separated at birth. I came across your blog after seeing the muffintop video (pure genius, by the way). Of course my twin would be a genius ;).

    I was reading through your recent postings and had to call my real sister immediately and quote all the things you have written that are totally me. It is like looking in a mirror, well, not really because these are words not images, but you get the idea.

    I wanted to not be one of those weird people that writes comments on stranger's blogs, and then I just couldn't stop. I mean, even now I am telling my hands to quit typing. But your most recent post put me over the top (well, that and the 3rd glass of wine).

    I too love me a free sample, just check out my linen closet filled with the perfect little sample sizes for all that company that comes to visit. Each one can have their own newly opened mouth wash bottle just like a hotel visit.

    Yeah, like my house is a hotel -- I have so many remodel projects going on it is technically a hard hat area. Yep, the hubs and I are doing it all ourselves because a three year old and 4 month old don't keep me busy enough.

    Did I mention that I just finished teaching 2 college courses and signed up to take (without being forced) 2 graduate courses this summer? I also do some consulting on the side with my spare time (ha!) and was in the office on Friday when someone said, hey, can you do this project? To which I didn't say -- hell no, I am busy. I said, sure no problem. WHAT?! Who is in my brain making me say that? And what is it that I am working on right now when the kids are quiet? Is it that project -- no, that isn't due until Friday. I am all over the internet reading funny blogs.

    I too like to bake and my son's 3rd birthday is just around the corner. He is totally into planes and I will be doing a fabulous 3 tiered airplane cake. Did I mention that one of the remodel projects is our kitchen and I just spent today making a make shift space in the living room for our microwave for when we tear out the whole room? Oh yeah, I will be rolling fondant, where???? Can I use a bathroom counter if I have cloroxed it 100 times?

    Anyway, that is a way too long of a way to say, you write like you are in my head and it is freaking me out. Keep on making me laugh. Good to know I'm not the only one. And if you ever wanted a long lost sister, I would be willing to do a DNA test.