Tuesday, June 1, 2010

NO, not even on garbage truck day. I swear.

Or Sunday, or Tuesday. Not ever. Jack saw the picture by mistake while cruising for videos on Nipper's iphone. And yes, I do think the iphone is a great substitute for being fully present as a parent. This will NEVER happen to our house. Never. We keep saying this over and over, but he's no fool. I mean it DID happen, and I'm sure those people never thought, hey maybe I'm living above a giant fake looking portal to the center of the earth. Last night in the bath, he lined his green army men up along the rim of the tub and said "they're protecting our house from a hole in the earth."

So now, Jack has added "house being swallowed up by earth's gaping maw" to his list of rational fears. Fantastic.

1 comment:

  1. I cannot imagine how they got this picture. I'm sure it was a huge balloon looming over the hole as some photographer was leaning out the window... AHHHH!!!!