Sunday, March 28, 2010

C'est tout

Mesdmames et messieurs! Moulez votre regard fixe sur mon trone royal!

It only took the better part of a year of my life to finish what all in all took about an hour total, but the downstairs bathroom is finished. Why did it take so long? Ambition, perfection, and sloth all got in my way. I finally cracked open on the the stupid marvy uchida paint pen, poured the paint into a sippy cup, added some water and free hand painted the design on the wall with a $1 paintbrush. It took 30 minutes. C'est parfait? Non. C'est fini? Oui.

So here it is. Finally a half bath you really, ahem, get something done in...

The big mirror is from Ikea, and I moved the orange Jonathan Adler soap dish and garbage can into this bath. That soap that's in there is Rancé Creme Grasse and it smells like heaven in a really old lady heaven kind of way. Love it. 

I took the Orla Kiely from Target box out and replaced it with the Liberty of London box. I put candles and my favorite Diptyque Pomander room spray in it. Just in case. 

This is truly the worlds smallet wc. It's like an airplane toilet. The mirrors help add some light. 

I also removed the Orla Kiely for Target magazine boxes and replaced them with these ones from The Container Store. Now you are starting to see why it took a year. I'm mental. Happy pooping!


  1. Love the royal throne music for the grand opening. And I love the mirrors on both walls.

  2. congratulations!! i guess i am now the only one left with a dysfunctional mini-bathroom. i can only hope that someday ours will be as beautiful as yours.

  3. It looks awesome! Nice job sis. xxoo