Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Almost there

Remember being bored when you were a kid? I can remember time going by so slowly I thought I would go crazy from boredom. My mom would always say "only boring people get bored". I must have been the dullest child, because I was bored all the time. Now it seems like days go by like minutes. I can't get ahead of my list, there's always more. Maybe this is to do with being an adult, or being a parent, but I think it's also to do with being a perfectionist. I'm never satisfied until I've got something just so. I'm doing better at appreciating the things I've done once they are done, instead of moving right along to the next thing. Sometimes I have to mentally handcuff myself to the task at hand because I'm always contemplating the next thing. Working on being present in the moment is my biggest challenge. 

So here's a little bit of progress on one of my many pies. I found rug for the pink man cave. I'm going to come up with a better name for that room. Suggestions are welcome. I had the hardest time finding a big enough rug, in the right color, and for the right price. Finding a 8x10 or larger rug for less than $300 is hard. Finding one with pink in it, proved impossible. The rugs I really wanted were from Anthropologie (natch). They were also $1100. Eep.

I even ordered a wool rug from It was hideous and I sent it back. Then last week, I was wandering through Target, when I stumbled on this rug. The color was perfect, even though the look was a little bit too cozy kitchen for me. The other problem was that the only size they had was 4X6. My mom had the brilliant idea to buy four of them and tape them together with carpet tape. I didn't have any carpet tape on hand, so I just used packing tape, which worked just fine. Presto Chango, I have an 8X12 rug that only cost $160! I bought a non slip rug pad, and put another chenille rug underneath it for a little more insulation from the cold concrete floor. 

I think the little bit of lavender grey in the rug picks up the same color from one of the silk trading company curtains I used to cover up the washer/dryer and water heater. Now all that's left is to hang pictures, and put in the skylight. It's almost perfect:)

One last sneaky peaky. This was how neat and tidy it looked before I filled it up with furniture.


  1. I think you should call it the pink palace.


  2. but why is it pink MAN cave. isn't it to be your space, mostly? is nipper going to get the old shared office to himself?

    cotton candy cottage
    bubblegum basecamp
    miss piggy's bellybutton
    glinda's (good witch of the north) garage