Tuesday, March 30, 2010

mon garçon mignon

Nipper Knapp and I went to see the Lycee International de Los Angeles this morning. Quelle suprise, we'll be applying for 2011. If we don't get in, I don't know what we'll do. We don't have a "safety school", for PRE-SCHOOL. (eye roll, sigh) If he gets in, he can go there through his senior year in high school. Having gone to several schools, I'd love for him to grow up with the same kids in one place. Especially in a big city like Los Angeles. He'll be bi-lingual by 6 or 7, and in school with kids from all over the world. It would be a stretch for us financially, but what's the alternative?

Just read something online about the LAUSD that cemented my view, that noble though the idea of public education is, (I am partially the product of one), it is not an option for us here in LA. A little piece of my idealism just died. But I'm a mom, and Jack Knapp life is not a social experiment. Man I wish I'd know how exhausting weighing all these parenting decisions would be. The land of opportunity is so, if you are willing to beat your brains out, and throw caution to the wind.

In the mean time I'm allaying my education anxiety by embroidering sweet little things on the quilt panels for the quilt I'm making. That's right, I'm quilting. Who knew. Here's one:

Ma fille mignonne


  1. OK. I want to go to there.
    Can u pay for me too? I might be a little old - but I could easily pass for a 12 year old Italian boy.
    Oh and I have a question (for future reference only!!) the prices they quote is that per semester or per year?

  2. I think the Lycee sounds like a great idea! We looked at the one in NYC for Theo but as neither of us parlez les francais (really, that's all I've got) we thought we didn't have a chance and she'd start talking about us in front of us and we wouldn't have any idea what she was saying. I'm a control freak so that doesn't work so well for me. Go Jack! And good luck navigating all this, I know its a nightmare making these decisions. We felt the same way re:public school for the kids here.

  3. Great,thoughtful report. If only we had all had parents like you and Nip. I love the embroidered girl. Is the quilt for someone?
    We are always so proud of you.

  4. Can you teach me to embroider? Of course, you'll need to come to Paris with le Jack and monsieur nipper to do so. Consider it an extended field trip, macarons included.

  5. Shaboom, I'd be happy to teach you to embroider! We might be coming to Paris this summer. Still up in the air. In the meantime, I highly recommend this:
    or this:
    this girl has great patterns, and she's how I learned. Someone gave me her stitchitkit for Christas (Meema!)