Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy Monday!

The past three weeks, I've been mired in language like "transcode" and "frames per second" and "your hands are open and jazzy".  In other words, I've been in hell. Never mind that Jack hasn't slept through the night or stayed in his room for the last 10 days. So last week when I got an email from Jonathan Adler (my dear and personal friend) saying that he had some new needlepoint zodiac pillows, I thought "Mrs Nipper Knapp" you deserve a little treat!" So I ordered myself this little Leo pillow. I'm a Leo, can you tell? I try to quash my natural Leo tendencies, and be meek, and wishy washy, but after a while that makes my teeth gnash together and my hair stand on end. The pillow arrived Friday, just before our shoot. It's itty itty bitty and it's sitting on my jadite green eames rocker in the dining room. Ok, back to the gigahertz, and megawatts, and parabolic distortion. Send a medic!

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