Friday, January 14, 2011


So, I'm 5.5 months pregnant and the nesting urge is redonk-a-diddle. I would like to apologize in advance for any kind of cutesy or irritating language contained in this blog. I'm not responsible. It's the hormones! 

I want to re-do the nursery. When I asked Nipper Knapp if he thought we should repaint the baby's room, he said "I don't know, do YOU think YOU should repaint it?" Ok, I get it. Since baby #2 will also be a boy, he's going to be the hand me down kid, so, at least I can start him off with a fresh room, right? Whatever. I NEED to feather my nest. 

I've always loved this Marimekko Pikku Bo Boo print. When I was a kid my friend Jessica's little brother had this wallpaper in his room, and even then I knew it was cool. I was thinking of painting one wall navy, and the rest of it white, and then doing a wall with this wallpaper. BUT we have texture on our walls (blurgh, thanks tacky flipper), and wallpaper is a nightmare. SO I had a brainstorm. I'm crafty right? (shudder)

I am going to repaint the room white, maybe one navy wall, and then on the big wall (I use this term loosely, the nursery is smaller than most people's bathrooms) I'll make stencils from the pikku bo boo fabric, and PAINT it on the wall. OMG HOW CUTE AM I?! (sorry) That's shouldn't be too hard, right? 

I have a little of the bo boo fabric leftover from the vintage sheet set I bought on ebay for $15, but it's not in the best condition. I used part of it to make Jack's school nap blanket. I looked for more today and the prices are astronomical. $245 for barely 2 yards. EEK! Someone is selling another sheet set for $65, but the material isn't all that nice and snuggly. I think I'll use what I've got left to make some accent pillows and maybe a stroller blanket with a minky back. 

I also think we've narrowed it down to two different names, but I've been sworn to secrecy. 


  1. I'm a crafty person too, I'd recommend making yourself some stamps out of craft foam to make the basic shapes of the different cars then all you have to do is add the details easier than a stencil!

  2. sometimes I wonder why we insist that men give input on "girl stuff" when 1. they have no interest and 2. we have no interest in what they really think anyway :)

    And, I have no intentions to crush your crafty dream - but stenciling on a rough wall will probably be worse than wall paper. BUT, what about a FABRIC wall?

  3. but then I read further and it sounds like fabric is not abundant and tres expensive. So if the stencils don't work you can always repaint (can you paint pregos?) or you could do a large wall paper wall hanging - make your own frame and shit. Kick it Martha style.

  4. sponge idea is a keeper!!!!!!!!

    if anyone can do it, it's you. it certainly can't be worse than the adventures in the mini-bathroom.

  5. Thanks Bunny! I'll totally try the sponge! It's not TOO textured, just a little bit, enough to make wallpaper hard, but it's not like rough or anything. But, yes, if the paint doesn't work, a little framed fabric, might do the trick! And Pickel, let's not talk about the mini-bathroom ever again...

  6. I was not going to bring up the mini-bathroom. Pickel needs to start her mini-bathroom project so she can understand the pain. Can't wait to see how it turns out!