Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pikku Bo Boo

Ok, so it's not actually the "pikku" Bo Boo ("little" in Finnish). It's the regular Bo Boo. But I like saying pikku bo boo. Do you guys remember this print from when we were kids? Those of you under the age of 30 can just stuff it. My friend Jessica little brother's bedroom was done in this fabric. I think hers was some kind of Marimekko fabric too, but I can't remember. I've always loved this print.

When I was pregnant with Jack and found out I was having a boy, I went on ebay and found someone selling this vintage sheet set for next to nothing (I think $15). I bought it, determined to sew something for the baby with it. When it came the fitted sheet was actually pretty pilly, but the top sheet was in great shape. I set it aside trying to figure out what to do with it. Then I lost track of it. When I read that Jack needs a blankie for his cot for naptime at school, I remembered I had this fabric somewhere and went digging in the storage area under the house. It was in the last row, bottom box. Of course.

I got some grass green plushy fabric to sew on the other side, so it'll be super soft. The Bo Boo fabric itself is as coarse as a brillo pad. I was torn for a good part of the day about weather I should cut up this giant piece, to make his small cot blanket. It looks so cute with the green, and I started thinking maybe I should just make it for his bed in his room. I looked online, and they are selling the sheets for $65 a piece, or $45 a yard for the fabric. YIKES! But then I thought. I only paid $15 for mine, so who cares. If I REALLY want to make something else for him with it later, I'll just have to shell out for it. Or find some other schmuck selling it for cheap on ebay. Also, I was thinking of sewing some of that satin blanket edging onto it to because when I was a kid I liked to rub my index finger against it when I was trying to fall asleep. I still do, but we don't have any blankets with that stuff on it.  Whatevs. WAY too much thought for a, (and excuse me, but I'm tired) fucking nap blanket. Was I born this way?


  1. You are a dream mother.

    Lucky little baby.

    And I do remember that fabric, but never thought of hunting it down..

  2. I heart that blanket. If I find some awesome blanket binding I will send to you. (I only have baby blue in my stash - from an old lady's shoe box find - which won't go at all.)