Sunday, August 22, 2010

Oh, so that's how it is...

On Friday I took Jack to his preschool for a little pre-preschool drop off day. We thought it might be a good idea for him to spend an hour with me, and then an hour with Nipper Knapp on Monday before the big day Tuesday. You know, the day where I drop him off at 9:30, say "have a great day at school", and leave, NO MATTER WHAT.

We get there, and he's ON ME. He can't look directly at the teacher, he plays deaf when she asks him if he'd like to do anything, except for when she asks if he wants some saltines and watermelon "yes please". Good job kiddo. The rest of the class lines up to go outside, and he gets right in line with them and goes outside. Half way down the ramp to the playground he turns to look for me and hangs back a little bit.

Once on the playground he watches the other kids playing, but lingers around a picnic table set up for painting until the teacher notices and asks if he would like to paint. "YES!" And this isn't the kind of neat tidy painting we get to do at home, this is spooning whole big globs of gelatinous color onto a big piece of construction paper and messing it around with your whole hand. GOOD STUFF!

We both got back to school haircuts

At some point he sees the other kids going to an outdoor sink nearby to wash their hands. He says he "needs to wash his hands" to which I stand up ready to take him the 30 feet to the sink. "NO Mama" he says blue green paint hands outstretched in front of him in full "stop" mode, "I DON'T need you to help me".  By the time, I have recovered from this bit of autonomy, he's at the sink TALKING TO ANOTHER KID, like that's something he does every day.

Long story short. I think he's going to be just fine. Thank you and goodnight.


  1. Oh my. The image of him lining right up is precious. But he's wrong, because Yes, Mommy, he does need you to help- now and forever! Writing through tears...

  2. Thanks guys. I'm fine. No really *sniff* just FINE. It is a big relief to know that even if there are tears when I leave tomorrow, 5 minutes later there will be finger painting, and saltines.

  3. yes he will. they always are. we survived from our parents leaving us and in fact, i don't think most of us even see the relation between us and our kids and our parents and us.