Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Great Depression - Anthropologie Style

Ok, so I don't mean to undermine the terrible struggles of people during the great depression. I heard a statistic on NPR yesterday that during the depression 30% of Americans didn't have a toilet. But these rare color photos were recently found, and uhm, they kind of look just like an Anthropolgie catalog. I guess that's the point right. Anthropologie's whole deal is to make old timey things that evoke your hard working grandmother in her youth, and then sell them to you for more than she made in an average year.

The muted colors in these photos are so beautiful. I especially love the apron on the woman in the first shot, the fedora on the woman in the last shot, and the matching dresses on the girls, clearly made out of the same sack cloth. My mom grew up on a farm, and I imagine if there were color pictures of her childhood, they would have looked like some of these. And the picture of the kids lined up in front of the brick building, I imagine is my dad and his buddies Butchie O'green, Billy Goul, and the late great Jiffy Kajeski. Here are a few of my favorites, you can view the rest on the Huffington Post.

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