Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The No Tears Lunch Pail

We went to Jack's pre-school orientation last night. Then we went out and got drunk. Not really. Well sort of. Just a little sushi and soju cocktail. Aside from the 3000 page medical/emergency packet I need to fill out. Here are the things he will need for his first day of school:

crib sheet for his cot (sniffle)
blanket (eyes stinging)
back pack (meh)
change of clothes to go in his cubby (full on sob at the word "cubby")
lunch box (glug glug glug)

But then today I set myself to the task of finding a cute lunchbox, and you know planning the PERSONALIZED QUILT I'm going to sew in the next 10 days, while emotionally preparing for him to go, getting our stuff together for the NYTVF, auditioning, and you know, drowning my sorrows in a bottle of trader joe's petite syrah.

Look what I found! Goodbyn lunchboxes with ears for easy opening with little fingers, and stickers for persoanlizing, and little compartments so the food doesn't get all mashed together! No dreaded ziplock bags, of which I have an unnatural hatred. They're sort of like little baby bento boxes. Cute, cute, cute!

Michael's mom clearly doesn't love him or she wouldn't have sent him to school with a SALAD and a hardboiled egg. Yuck. 


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  1. oh! that is the cutest lunchbox ever! I wonder if it will make me want to cook though? Or make food? And understand, I don't care if it takes 5 hours, 5 minutes or 5 seconds, I don't like making food.

    But that lunchbox might change things...