Monday, August 9, 2010

Drum roll please... Big Apple here we come!

Are you ready for this? Our Pilot "Gentrification" was accepted into the NYTVF! We've know for almost a week, but were sworn to secrecy until the official announcement was made this morning (here's the link to the announcement). I got the call when Jack and I were at The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, with my brother and my niece. I stood up in the middle of the cafeteria, right in front of the tourists from Poughkeepsie and did a little dance. Jack not knowing why I was dancing with my phone to my ear, got up and did a little dance right along with me. We've got him trained. 

We'll be getting more info on screening times in the coming weeks, so I hope that any of you that are in NY will be able to make it. You know, put some friendly butts in the seats around us! Yahooeee!


  1. where can i see the entire video? and when can i meet that cutie with the butt chin? was he on entourage? he probably sleeps with models.

  2. Congrats! This is huge! Lemme know when you're filming again so I can come back and do a cameo!