Friday, August 20, 2010

It's curtains for you

I don't want this to turn into an Anthropologie fan page, but DAMN. Maybe I'm just a woman of a certain age. I started sewing these curtains for our bedroom a few years ago. That's right, I said years. I got these super pale pink cotton sheers at Target, and I thought if I sewed them onto these cream cotton panels from ikea, they would make for a really warm pretty light (without being PINK) when the sun was out. Our room has two walls of south and west facing windows, so it's BRIGHT. The curtains did indeed make pretty warm filtered light, unfortunately at 6am it's like someone turned the sun on in my eyeballs. I got some blackout fabric and sewed it to the back of the already kind of hack jobbed curtains. They're not pretty. That was about two years ago. 

my shame closet

I've been toying with the idea of making them shorter so they don't hang on the floor. I've been thinking about getting new curtain rods, or at least putting the ones we have, higher above the window. Part of the problem is that we have no closet. Did you hear what I just wrote. NO CLOSET. There used to be a built in closet in the room, but the person who owned the house before us (evil flipper) tore it out. So... We have ikea armoires which were supposed to be a temporary solution. They are about an inch too deep which means I can't have a curtain rod outside the window frame. What I need is a carpenter. Ok wait, we were talking about curtains. 

Here's what I'm thinking *right now*. I found these curtains at Anthropologie (obv). I could totally sew something like this onto the back panel (cream cotton), and lay the pale pink over them. I'll remove the blackouts and make those a separate panel. Which means I have to get new hardware with two bars, but you know, whatevs. I could totally have these curtains done by the time Jack goes to junior high. 

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  1. May I have your old curtains? They look so much better than my blankets and sheets hanging in the windows.