Thursday, January 13, 2011

Old Music Thursday - 4


That's Francais for "listen"

That's pretty much all I've been listening to. I haven't been able to find new music in any of my old music this week, so I've listening to someone else's playlist. is a French (Paris?) Jazz station that a very clever friend turned me on to a few years ago. They remind me of a station out of Finland I used to listen to called Radio Pelli, that is sadly no more. They plays the best mix of jazz standards, with an occasional random old pop song thrown in (by old, I mean from the 50's). They do have a tendency to play a few really drippy modern jazz songs every once in a while, and for some reason they play this AWFUL song "The Ice Hotel", that will make you want to kill yourself, and I mean they play it at least once a day. But those quirks aside, I can usually turn it on (stream through itunes or quicktime or windows player) and leave it on all day. 

They also have great interviews with some amazing old timers, and sometimes if those guys are American they do the interviews in English and French, simultaneously translating for the guest. Which is nice if you don't speak French. 

So check it out. Go to and click the button that says "Ecouter" on the left hand side. You won't be sorry. 

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