Sunday, January 23, 2011

On Wednesday night Nipper Knapp took the red-eye to NYC to see the Jayhawks in concert, see friends, and spend time with his sisters. It was my birthday surprise to him. He had mentioned that he the Jayhawks were getting back together and playing these two shows, and wouldn't it be fun to see them. Uhm, yes, if I wasn't 6 months pregnant, and basically agoraphobic, that would be GREAT! So I hatched this plan to secretly arrange for his sisters to go to NY, and go to the shows with him. I told him at Christmas. Yay! I love surprises. LOVE THEM. Plus, now everyone thinks I'm a really nice wife, instead of the acerbic shut-in that they were all starting to know...and love. 

I had BIG plans for this weekend. Jack would be in school Thursday and Friday, so minus Mommy nap time, I figured I was going to have a solid 10 hours to get stuff done, Plus an hour or two at night after he went to bed. I started making my to-do list. Here's what it looked like.

To-Do on Nipper Knapp's weekend away
Hang house numbers from Anthropologie that I got in September
Hang new dinosaur towel hanger hook thingy in Jack's room
Paint the outdoor grill and chimney
Clean out closets (mine, Jack's, coat) 
Plan and Order Elfa system to build real closet in our room, before the sale ends
Finish my dad and stepmother's quilt
Water plants, and plant annual seeds in all outdoor pots
Sew top stitch on Jack's nanny's curtains (long story)
Clean office (this is prolly a several day job, but I wanted to get started)
Go to Ikea for Hardware for new closet curtains
Mail care package to Nipper's uncle David who is in the Peace Corps in Tonga
Mail some movies to my mother who is in a buddhist monastery in San Diego


Take Jack to the beach, maybe see a movie, go to the park, meet up with a boy from Jack's class and his mom to play, see our neighbors before they leave in a week and a half. You know basically have an awesome weekend with my boy, plus get all kinds of stuff done, so I could quiet the nesting monster. 

Here is what I did while Nipper was away:

By the time he was getting ready to leave on Wednesday I was throwing up, and feverish, and achey. As he was walking out the door to go to the airport, I was running into the bathroom, saying "It's FINE, what are you going to do, hold my hair? GO!" He went. I barfed, went to bed, and hoped for the best. Thursday morning, I got up, made breakfast, took Jack to school, came home and went to bed for 2 hours. I got up, moved to the couch, and stayed there until it was time to pick Jack up from school. Lather, rinse, repeat. Except by Friday I was getting a head cold on top of the stomach bug. DELIGHTFUL. 

our nightly routine

Saturday morning, I convince Jack it would be fun to stay in bed and watch Scooby Doo and Super Hero Squad on my computer until 11, when his BLESSED nanny and her daughter came to take him to the park, and for ice cream, and a train ride, and where ever it is they go when they go out. I laid in bed ALL day. I was convinced death was imminent. 

Jack and I were bed every night by 8, and both of us were asleep by 9. Sometimes I really pushed it and stayed up until 9:30 checking facebook, and responding to emails. Party down...

I took Jack for a dinosaur donut at Bob's donuts this morning, which almost killed me. I think he liked it. 

So much for my big plans. I was finally able to stomach some food today. Yogurt. Racy. And Jack went to play at the neighbors for a couple hours while I napped. Then we picked up daddy, and all is right and well again. I imagine tomorrow, I'll be feeling at least 60% better and ready to tackle at least part of my list. Maybe the part I can do from the couch in my office. 

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