Monday, January 24, 2011

Mama Geisha Wreath

My friend Deanna had a birthday 2 weeks ago. I was going to embroider her some cute retro tea towels, but I was in the midst of the quilt conundrum, and knew I wouldn't finish in time for our Friday night dinner at at Chinese restaurant downtown.

I went for a walk and wandered into this little shop in South Pasadena. They had these cute little wooden Japanese girls, each with their own "personality. They have a little secret compartment where you can write a message to give to a friend. Cute. I bought a few, and brought them home. I knew just what I'd make for Deanna. 

She's a make-up artist, and has all this great blond hair. This little doll reminded me of her. Her kitchen is sort of retro with black and white tile, red fiesta ware, and little red and white polka dot curtains that she sewed herself. So Ta-da! A wreath for her kitchen door. She has two boys under the age of 3, and a husband. So like I'm soon to be, she's outnumbered in her own house. I thought a little something girlie would be great. 

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