Saturday, January 8, 2011

knock-knocking knock-knock-offs

An original wreath by Knockknocking. SO cute!

You all know what a big fan I am of the incredible wreaths that Agnes over at Knock Knocking makes. She is, as far as I'm concerned, a genius. I don't know where she get's her incredibly unique trinkets that she adds to her wreaths, but that along with her special way of making felt flowers (and pinwheels, and garland) make them completely covetable. 

I look at her shop all the time for inspiration. Just looking at her color palettes, can get my brain moving when I'm working on an embroidery or sewing project. This year I decided I was going to hand make all of my Christmas gifts. Well, not all, if I knew how to make an Optimus Prime Transformer, or a 3ft tall At-At that really pulls the storm troopers up, I would have...

I thought making wreaths for everyone would be a fun project that I could really personalize. Now I am obsessed, and embarrassed to say I have 4 (ok, 6) blank wreaths ready to be decorated whenever the whim strikes me next. Unexpected girlfriend birthday? No problem, I'll make a wreath! Someone had a baby? Wreath! Neighbors moving away and breaking all of our hearts? Wreath, wreath, wreath! 

So here is what I cooked up. 

For my dad and stepmom for their camper. They spend the January to April in the Florida Keys, and they are big mid century modern fans. I wish I'd taken a close-up of the vintage truck and trailer. I ordered them separately off ebay. The inside of the pink camper is teal green! So cute!

For my brother and his wife. She is from India, and while their house is done in pretty subdued colors, she always looks so pretty when she wears these bright jewel tones that no one else can get away with. The pink elephant has a little bobble head that is very silly. Oh, and I finally found a use for those adorable felt balls!

For my mom. She names all of her houses. Last year I made a wreath for their ranch house, which they call Point of View Ranch. My stepfather had just planted a little grape vineyard, so I ordered two glass red wine bottle ornaments for it. I can't find the pictures. My mom's house is called Paris, so I thought this would be fitting for her front door. These are also the colors of her kitchen. 

For our house I made this little owl wreath. It was my first attempt at making the felt flowers, and I had this pink peacock ribbon left over from I don't know what project. The ornament I got at Urban Outfitters last year. It's fun to dig through your stuff and re-use it for a project like this. 

Oh, did I mention the tea towels I made for everyone. No? Ok, tomorrow. 


  1. You are one creative lady! Love the wreathes above - can you tell I am a wreath person myself??

  2. i'm going to need addresses of your gift recipients to do some proper looting. great job, lady!

  3. Yay! I am so glad I could provide a little inspiration! They are as cute as can be! xoxo Agnes