Saturday, January 2, 2010

This year's girl!

When my mom came for Christmas, she brought a box of stuff that was mine when I was a kid including a yearbook with foulmouthed inscriptions from my sophmore year in high school that made adult me blush, "A Birthday For Frances" record, and this book "This Year's Girl". Dudes, this thing is awesome. It's a paper doll book, but I never cut them out. It follows Robyn and her best friend Judi from the 50's to the 80's.

The details are great! In the early 70's Robin 'liberates her name to Robyn, and liberates her hair to look like the prostitute in the movie "Klute". Judy liberates her name to Judi, and perms her hair in sympathy with her oppressed black sisters. There's a page from the late 70's where they drink celestial seasonings herb tea, listen to Judy Collines, and wash their hair with herbal essence shampoo in the green bottle. I WAS THERE MAN! Every page from the 80's has too many great details to list. I could look at this book over and over.

Doesn't the grown up Robyn look just like Meridith Baxter?

Even as a kid Judy looks more fun than Robyn

That's right Judy "Fuck Housework!"
This whole page slays me.

"When I say no I feel guilty"... MASH! QUICHE!

The full title on this page is "Finalizing the Parameters of their Interface" awesome.

My dad had that runners day by day log!

Donahue and the Izod alligator!

Clinique make-up. Sigh... I thought anyone's whose mom used that was "chic"

I'm pretty sure my mom had both of these outfits


  1. i love that even paper dolls need midol, cigarettes and credit cards.

  2. i have no words for the genius of this book. who knew paper dolls were more hip than me?

  3. i want to see yearbook entries.