Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dark Chocolate Chili Popsicles! Yes Ma'am!

Gourmet popsicles, who knew? Is this going to be the new cupcake? I mean it is 2010 after all, and we don't have hover cars yet. What a gyp. That's just the man trying to keep us down...

Santa Meema gave Jack and Nipper this Zoku Quick Pop Maker. It's great! It makes popsicles in under 10 minutes. You just put it in the freezer for 24 hours. When you take it out you put in the handles, pour in your ingredients, and voila! No plugs or batteries.They have all kinds of fancy striped popsicles you can make, and ones with whole fruit. But I've been dying to try to make the Mexican style paletas like we had in Nashville. I'm sure the fruit paletas will be very easy to make, and how great to be able to make organic whole fruit pops in my own kitchen for the kids (and by kids I mean me and Nipper) in under 10 mins. Dope.

Last night I made dark chocolate chili popsicles. I made hot chocolate on the stove using chocolate milk so it would be extra chocolaty and a metric shitload (4 heaping tablespoons) of Marie Belle Aztec Hot Chocolate, which contains cinnamon, nutmeg and chipotle, then I added a little chili powder. I chilled it in the freezer, stirring it occasionally so it didn't congeal, and then poured it into the Zoku. I can die now. YUM!

A few years ago on my birthday Nipper Knapp and I had dinner at a restaurant in town called Grace. The pastry chef made sweet corn ice cream, with dulce de leche sauce, and some kind of crunchy nut topping. It was the most amazing dessert. I want to try to make the some sweet corn ice cream in our ice cream maker, get it to the point of almost frozen, like where it's more frozen custard, and then try to make popsicles with it. Maybe add some sea salt and dulce de leche stripes or dark chocolate shell? The sky's the limit!

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  1. Ummmm why have I never heard of this???????? I must have one asap. -Swing