Monday, January 25, 2010

Sigh... swoon... glug, glug, glug...

It's like Steve Jobs and Lorca had a baby, and that baby is this company. From the Francis Francis manual:

It should be pronunced the way a mother, lovely disturbed by finding her little child hands and mouth black of stolen chocolate, would say: “Fraaaanicis Fraaaancis!” her right hand straight moving like a saw, an expression she would like to be serious but is defenitely unable to hold the overwhelming smile that will turn this little tragedy into a kiss. Because this, is Francis Francis!. It’s the child within ourselves that we constantly love, the child that make us smile, laugh, enjoy. So, if someone asked himself what’s that child in the brand name, it’s just the best part of all of us. And Francis Francis! - with all his products - just wants to express this little childish sympathy, able to let you smile even when you think you are not in the mood.

Or maybe it means that this freaky old fashioned euro machine is going to try your patience like only a naughty toddler can. Either way, I love it. 


  1. If you don't stop waxing poetic about this espresso machine, I'm going to have to go out and buy one. Because you are My (younger, skinnier, whiter) Oprah. Fuck you M'Oprah, we're in a recession.

  2. Keri,

    It's like I had never had good coffee before. I made my first cup this morning. Oh em gee. I was transported. Starbucks is for babies.

  3. I really am so happy that you found it. As beautiful as it is I know we would not use it. We had an espresso maker for 5 years that we used twice. Maybe when we visit I will be convinced otherwise.