Sunday, January 17, 2010

The artist formerly known as YouTube

When we got our new iphones we decided to let Jack use our old iphones to keep him from caterwauling on long car rides, flights, or when we'd like to use the bathroom by ourselves, have a meal in peace in quiet in a restaurant, etc... Sometimes after a major diaper change, he likes to lay in his crib and collect his wits. In he goes with the iphone. Go ahead, get to judging. I don't care. 

We loaded it will a few Pixar movies, and when he's home and on our wifi he can access YouTube. So besides the fact that my two year old can successfully navigate YouTube on an iphone, the things that he finds amusing and watches over and over are mildly disturbing. If he wants to watch something specific, I will type "locomotive trains" or "fire engines" or "garbage trucks" into the search box, but usually he just opens it up, goes to the history tab, and finds what he wants himself. I know that there are places like but until he can use those opposable thumbs and spell for himself, this will have to do. 

There is one video in particular that I believe falls loosely into the "train" genre. He will watch this video two or three times in a row. I'm hoping this is just the first buds of a taste for the absurd. An early inclination for Monty Python and irony.

Sometimes Nipper just calls him YouTube, like he's a sidekick in some 21st century version of Goonies. "Come on YouTube, let's go explore that abandoned mine shaft." The Nipper Knapps, giving their child a quality upbringing one YouTube video at a time. Sue me.


  1. I found myself watching this multiple time in succession. I think it may be a form of Japanese mind control.

  2. What the Cuss is wrong with your baby???

  3. Ummm, I can not stop laughing! What in THE WORLD is going on in that little head?

  4. and "josh" is really Allie:)