Monday, January 4, 2010

uhm, WTF!

Came home briefly this afternoon to pick up Jack to go to music class. Noticed house REEKED of cheap perfume. Forgot to ask the nanny about it. Returned home hours later, noticed house still REEKED of cheap perfume. Started sniffing around trying to find the culprit. Told Jack I was chilly, he offers me blanket from the couch and it hits me like a hot summer day. The blanket has been doused in something, perfume, or fabric softener, I can't tell. I then notice it's on the throw pillows as well. I throw everything in the wash, and light a candle. I ask Jack if the nanny spilled anything today. He says "Yes, she said uh-oh on the blanket". Now he's two so who the hell knows what he's talking about. But then I sit on one of my grandmother's chairs over by the window and the smell is there too. It finally dawns on me that it's febreze, and it's like the chair took a bath in it.

Our nanny febrezed our furniture while we were gone. wtf is that about?

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