Monday, March 28, 2011

Here in Topeka

Purl Soho Color-wheel quilt

Can you sew your way to happiness? I dunno. Doubtful. I've gotten to the point in pregnancy where it's hard to get down on the floor and play trains with Jack. And the kind of WWF rough housing he does with Nipper Knapp is out. And he's at the age, where all he wants to do is play hard. So... I've been feeling kind of blue. 

I have tons of art supplies in my office, and thankfully he loves to draw. So as much as I can, I have him come out here with me to draw, and talk, and tell stories. Sometimes he'll let me curl up with him in the rocking chair in the baby's room and read books or tell him the story of The Wizard of Oz. Have I told you he makes me tell him the whole story EVERY day? More on that later. 

It doesn't help that the baby's bones are clearly made of adamantium razor blades, and not regular baby bones. I don't know why, but he's SO pokey. And while I remember Jack putting pressure on my bladder, I don't recall him trying to pierce it with a shiv. Maybe I have amnesia. Last night he had the hiccups for over an hour, and instead of it being cute, it was like someone was rhythmically trying to stab me simultaneously in the ribs and the pelvis. Good times. 

This cheers me up. Also I want that outfit. 

So I finished a quilt for a friend who is having a baby and I ordered a pattern for another one that involves some kind of applique that I don't really understand. In the meantime I thought I'd start on making the Purl Soho Color-Wheel quilt for myself. I couldn't fathom picking 52 colors, and I'm not really into having a rainbow anything around here. It took forever to pick the fabrics, I chose 13 shades of red, pink, and orange, but I can see it might go together easier than I thought. It looks scary complicated, but I think the hardest part will be the quilting, which requires you to "stitch in the ditch". As you know precision is not my thing. 

In the next few weeks, I need to have some good mommy and Jack time. Maybe go to the aquarium, or the beach together just the two of us. I can feel this time slipping away so fast. Right now it feels bittersweet. I'm excited to meet this little wolverine in my belly, but I'm already missing our little trio. I'm sure once #2 is here, I won't be able to imagine what it was like without him, just like I feel about Nipper and Jack. 

Right now, I'm relying on Loretta, ice cream, and lots and lots of sewing to get me through. The first one of you that tells me to go for a walk is getting anthrax in the mail. 

Here is the same song, but on The Muppet Show, and subtitled in German. So bizarre. Can you imagine, a musician singing about The Pill on a kids show today? Sarah Palin would explode!!!!!

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