Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Coaster make-over

I've been kind of erratic in my writing lately. Seems like every post starts with an apology. I think I might have even promised no more apologies a few weeks ago. But I can't remember, because my mind is a barren wasteland peppered with lists of crafts supplies, baby names, due dates, and other super banal detritus. 

I was on a website last week, that I can't seem to find now that I'm writing this post (apologies to whoever's project idea I've stolen). We have lots of coasters because we have lots of Heywood Wakefield furniture, and it's all old, and wood, and whilst in my wild and wasted 20's I ruined two bedside tables by putting glasses with no coasters on them. Those were heady days. 

But the coasters we had were looking pretty old and shabby. I've almost purchased new ones a dozen times, but I'm indecisive, and cheap, and always thought, "I can make something". But I never did. Until now. I found this site that had instructions for how to make your own coasters using tiles and cork and paper and MODGE PODGE hard coat. There is just no sexy way to say MODGE PODGE. You always feel like your name is Della and your supports hose are binding up. 

I was all set to run out and get tiles and cork, when I realized I could just decoupage over our old coasters. Even better! I dug through my paper supply, which I can now find easily because my clean clean office is organized and CLEAN. (pictures soon, I swear).

I found this cute stuff from Paper Source, leftover from when I decoupaged Jack's baby dressers. They go perfectly with my rug, and crewel pillows from Anthropologie. I used the modge podge hard coat, and Alene's spray acrylic sealer. Apparently without this last step, they won't do well with hot things put on them. Cute right? Since I don't know where I found instructions, just google decoupage coasters, and a million sites will come up. Also, I recommend NOT starting with round coasters. It was hard to get the paper cut down to exactly the right size so as to not overhang the edges. 


  1. One great kid and another on the way. You can write, act AND decoupage?! Why didn't I propose to you before Nipper had the idea? haha
    Great stuff "Margot".

    Paul (casting underground)

  2. i don't know what you're talking about...modge podge IS sexy. super sexy. or maybe it's just the ladies and gents that use it.

  3. Very nice. Jobs are overrated anyway! I'd much rather make coasters.