Monday, March 14, 2011

Baby quilt

I finished the polka dot quilt for little Knapp #2 last night. We're pretty sure we've decided on a name, but we're not telling anyone. I embroidered on the quilt tag, so I can't show you that part. Although, I suppose, I could always re-stitch it. I used a lot of pieces of old Heather Ross prints. I didn't buy any new fabric for it, just used what I had in my fabric cabinet. Oh didn't I mention I now have a fabric cabinet? I can now see ALL my fabric! Pictures soon, swearsies. 

I used the mini quilt pattern from Purl Soho, but adapted it to be bigger than a mini quilt. I don't really understand the point of mini quilts. Seems like a lot of work for something that's not functional. But I'm also not the quilt on the wall type either. I sort of wish I'd done the quilting in white, because it was difficult to sew perfect circles, and you can really see the mistakes, but I also like the little bit of brightness the orange brings. I just have to accept that I'm never going to be a super neat and tidy seamstress.

I also finished the curtains for Jack's room. They took 5 minutes a piece. I used sarongs from Anokhi that I bought online. It's impossible to get their sarongs here in the states. I've bought a ton of them from Simrane in Paris, and I guess they have a store in Japan. BUT, I found a source on ebay (ragarags), who travels to Jaipur a few times a year. I happened to catch her over email the day before she went to the shop in India, and was able to ask her to get me 3-4 blue or green ones to go along the with green ones I had already sewn last year when we moved him in there. I needed more coverage so I can make some blackout curtains to go behind them. The good part of living on top of a hill having second story bedrooms is a great view an bright sunny bedrooms. The bad part is that at sunrise, it's like high noon in there. 

Ok, so I'm not totally finished, I need to sew the blackouts (one straight line across the top). The measuring and cutting will take longer than the sewing. And then I need to put up the new hardware (HI, Nipper Knapp). 

I just have the sew some cute appliques onto the white pottery barn kids sale cloth fabric in the baby's room, and put some artwork up on the walls, and the nursery will be done! 

I saw the doctor last week and she said the baby is really big. Now I know those measurements and not really reliable, but I'm hoping for maybe a little bit of an early due date. Not like 2 weeks, but maybe 1? Jack came a week early (good boy). A girl can dream...

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