Thursday, March 3, 2011

Barbie Astronaut Princess Pony get the f%#k out of here cake

Hattie's 2nd owl cupcakes and cake

Cleo's 2nd ladybug cake

Jack's 2nd garbage truck cake

Jack's 3rd R2D2 cake (before it launched itself off the counter and died)

Hattie's 3rd Minnie Mouse cake which was bigger than her. 

I make cakes. Not like Ace of cakes, cakes. Just homemade mom cakes. But they are themed, and sometimes a little bit fancy. Almost every cake I've made involves some kind of massive failure involving re-baking at 11pm the night before. Sometimes they involved all out cake suicide. Poor R2D2.

So when Sadie asked if I was up for making Hattie's birthday cake again this year, I was all "fo sho". And she was all "are you sure, because you're super pregnant, and anti-social, and you know..." and I was all "Puh-leeze, it's my pleasure!" Then I was all "so what kind of cake does her royal highness want?" And she was all "A Barbie Astronaut Princess Pony cake." 


At first I thought I'd try to make a standing rocket with some kind of Barbie princess theme, but figured the important part of the cake for a 4 year old girl was the princess not the rocket, regardless of what she says. SO... I made a flat rocket with a GIANT cake pan (14x18). The first one wouldn't come out the pan, so we were forced to eat big hunks of pink strawberry cake warm out of the pan while I googled how to get cake out of a pan. I settled on lining the pan with parchment. Genius. I will never make a cake without it again. 

I cut it into rocket shape, frosted it with strawberry icing, which is pretty much the worst tasting and smelling pink thing ever. Then I made two small dome shaped cakes (2 in case 1 was a disaster) and put one of those tacky doll body cake toppers that you'd expect to see in a trailer park in The Ozarks, but don't fret, I fancied her up. 

I piped more revolting strawberry frosting for her "dress", and gave her an astronaut "helmet", because you know, she's space walking. I also got her a fancy white pony who had his own "helmet" and a hot pink "space tether". 

I piped BASA (Barbie Aeronautics and Space Administration) onto the rocket, put the pony on a cloud of pink cotton candy, and called it a day. 

Jack's birthday is a month after the baby's due date. I'm sort of hoping that when I ask him what kind of cake he wants he says "sheet cake from the deli at Ralphs". A girl can dream. 

Oh and I embroidered her this Miss Kitty and put it in a frame with her own ball of yarn, because I'm a sick sick person. Do you see why I haven't been writing? I'm sorry....


  1. Wow!!!!!! That ROCKS!!!!!! I love all your cakes. (Especially the one that took the road less traveled.)
    This is a little girl's dream. Awwwwww.

    Miss you guys.

  2. Something about this post has made me all nostalgic. I love it and it gives me hope for the future that people are still making homemade cakes out there.


  3. "sheet cake from the deli at Ralph's" - LOVE IT! Your cakes are cool, but your writing is hilarious!