Friday, March 18, 2011

I can' myself

I made two more. But you have to understand, I finished all the curtains. ALL OF THEM. What started as an "oh, I'll save so much money by doing it myself", project 4 years ago, finally ended yesterday. Our house is on a hill and has walls and walls of windows. It's why we loved it as soon as we saw it. But for sleeping past sunrise, it's not optimal. So I bought a giant bolt of blackout fabric, and set out to sew curtains for all the bedrooms. Oh, and in case, you thought I had been doing it piecemeal, don't. I started and finished them all in the last 3 months, that I've not been working. So 4 years, and then you know, a few days over 3 months. I can teach you a lot about procrastination.

So, curtains done, baby quilt done, office cleaned, bills paid, gardener fired (NOT YET, but I'm working up to it), I had a little bit of time, and OH, I can see all my craft supplies, so I thought, I'm going to make some wreaths for my peeps.

 Jack on Torch Lake last summer. 

It's so beautiful there! 

The first one is for Nipper Knapp's parents house. It says "The Cottage" on it, because that's what everyone calls it. It started off as a weekend lake house in northern Michigan, and they have made it into a beautiful year round home, and family paradise. We don't get there as often as the other kids, but look forward all year to spending time there in the summer, lazing in a hammock, roasting marshmallows in the firepit, riding to the sandbar on Torch Lake in Poppa's boat, to swim and eat burgers from the burger boat, and my favorite, blue moon ice cream from Higgins store. 

The second one is for my friend Misao. She and I have known each other since we were 8, and one time in college she sent me a box of Frida Kahlo cards, for no reason, other than she was thinking of me, and I was getting my degree in Latin American history, and how cute is that? Oh, and she's beautiful, and just finished her Phd in neuroscience at Harvard, and is married to the greatest guy. So you know, she's awesome, and the rest of us are sloths. When I got the little Japanese doll to make my friend Deanna's wreath in January, I got one for Misao too. Konichiwa!!!

 Misao and Dave on their wedding day

Misao and I in 4th or 5th grade

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  1. the picture of the family at the cottage screams "love" to me and looks like it could come straight from the pages of a magazine - love it. p.s. Misao does sound awesome, phd, Harvard, that dress?