Saturday, July 17, 2010

We've come a long way baby

A good friend sent this to me a few weeks back. I thought you'd all REALLY enjoy it. You can see the full size version right HERE.

Now before we go an congratulate ourselves for being so modern and evolved because me no longer wash our vajayjays with lysol, read and listen to this story "Difficult Births: Laboring and Delivering in Shackles". I heard it on NPR yesterday, and I'm ill at the thought that this sort of thing is going on. When the representative from the jail (a man) said "well it goes back to the question of, what is labor really? I don't know" I wanted to get on a plane, fly to Chicago, shackle him to a gurney and give him a whole bag of kidney stones to pass. Ignorance indeed. 


  1. Come to think of it, I DO remember my mother saying, "Lysol, it's an easy choice." Mom never bothered to explain. LOL! Thanks for clearing up a lifelong mystery for me!

  2. Lysol for woman, that's like heroin for babies (truly, they use to put it in gripe meds). I am glad we have come SOME way, even though it is obvious we are not taking every body with us. The spiritually inclined say that everyone will arrive at the same goal. They refrain from mentioning when, and after seeing the way some people keep returning to the starting point, I kind off doubt that it will be together...