Friday, July 9, 2010

Rosebowl - Schmosebowl

Check out Bertha in her modest swim togs. I might as well have been wearing a burkini.

So guess who got to mommy and me swim class this morning with 10 minutes to spare? Then guess who discovered that this wasn't the class where Jack gets in the pool all by himself? Then guess who ran to the swim shop and paid $75 for an ill fitting old lady suit that looks like it was made for an 87 year old woman named Ethel? Then after 30 minutes of applauding, and splashing, and general adulation, guess who got out, put on her sarong, sat in gum, didn't realize she sat in gum, and got in the car with said gum on her butt? 

If you guessed me you win the grand prize. 


  1. Oh I'm sorry! sounds like a rough day! I just got my own Twitter feed and am following you on there now too.

  2. Hahaha...I love the google image results for 'burkini'. I had never heard of this fabulous swimwear! I am getting one in lime green. ;)