Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Highland Park Chemists

Ok whatevs. I stirred up some creamy goodness in my kitchen last night and I had to share. A few years ago, a make-up artist introduced me to Monoi oil. I was supposed to be a fairy or a wood nymph or something like that. It was for a print job. She put some on my shoulders to make me look shiny, and oh my god, the smell of it. SO yummy! Like summer in a bottle. It's Tahitian gardenia (I don't know know what that means) in coconut oil. It smells SO good. And although I'm mostly a Chanel no5 girl, sometimes I like to layer the monoi with a little Comptoir Sud Pacifique vanilla, vanilla apricot, or vanilla tiara perfume.

I like it, but it's an oil, so it can be you know, oily. Not exactly what you want to put on before running out into the heat of summer. So the other night I thought maybe I'd mix it up with something else. I found a tub of cetaphil cream that is unscented that we had leftover from when Jack WAS a baby. I poured the monoi into the cetaphil and stirred it up. Uhm, dudes I'm like the new Jo Malone!

Now I smell yummy, and I'm not greasy. I should bottle this stuff.


  1. So where can one get the Monoi oil?

  2. you should. sell, it I mean. Contact the people who make the oil and try to sell them your idea (just put everything in writing of course). Who knows, maybe you'll get something out of it.

  3. Oh, yeah, that sounds perfect. Let them know that it's the best thing for "muffintops." That'll break a million before it even goes into production.