Friday, July 2, 2010

Target deal of the day

It says "fleurs" on the side. How cute is that?

Ok, I'm not really going to feature something new from Target every day. But I could. The amount of time and money that I spend at Target is just plain sad. The other day my dear friend Jackie and her son Alex were visiting from New York. They used to live here, but they moved to NY a year ago, and we had a lot of catching up to do. The kids were playing, and we were chatting, and trying to keep the chaos to a minimum. When it was time to go, Alex wasn't having it. He played one of Jack's favorite games, which is "I can't hear you even though you are saying my name two inches from my face". It's really fun. So finally Jackie pulled out the big guns. She said quietly, "If you come right now, we might go somewhere REALLY special on the way home." To which Alex immediately replied  "TARGET?!"

I grabbed Jackie's arm just before I died laughing. I am not alone! Target is an outing. Target is a playground. Target is where I can get errands done, AND keep Jack entertained for at least an hour. Do I ever get out of there without buying him something, even if it's just something from the $1 aisle? NO. Never. Not even when I say "Ok, but we're not buying any toys today." I AM NOT ALONE.

Alright, so long story short. This little planter filled with succulents was only $16. I was in the garden section looking for mini succulents that they sell there for around $2 a piece, to make something just like this. But for $16 I decided theirs was cuter and cheaper than the one I was going to make. It was so cute, I got one for our nanny, who tolerates our insanity daily, and is pretty much the reason I haven't Sylvia Plathed myself. Just kidding. Not really. Maybe she deserves more than a cactus. 


  1. Target is my second home. I'm proud of that.

  2. Hello! My name's Miss and I am a new follower! I have to admit I found you through your MuffinTop video. You are a brave and talented woman! I shared your video on my blog as well. It's perfect for a good Friday laugh!
    Thanks so much!

  3. I love that!

    Not the planter, the "sylvia plathed myself."

    I felt like SPing myself allllllll day today...(jk) (not really)

  4. Am heading to Target right now for one for Paris.(my house)