Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fort kit

This is Bea at our annual cookie decorating party (and Hattie!) 

Jack has a little friend named Bea, who is a pretty cool kid. She's cool because her name is Bea, but also because she's got super cool parents. Bea's mom Kathy is one of those moms who is so effortlessly cool, that you can't help but feel envious. Sometimes Kathy rocks a modified Dorothy Hamill haircut, feather and all. She and Bea weren't able to make Jack's birthday party, but the day after, we got a package in the mail, and this is what we found inside. At first I thought "OH NO!" A) Because Nipper Knapp was freaking out about the amount of new toys Jack was getting B) Because I thought it was a big tent, of which he has one, fish sized, one gazebo sized for the yard, and a tree house in the making C) Because I thought Nipper Knapp was going to freak out about him getting another big toy (did I say that already?)

Jack's fort kit!? What the what?

Jack's clips! 

The contents of the bag are as follows: 1 white sheet, 1 mini bag that says "Jacks clips" with clips in it (duh). It's awesome. An old fashioned fort kit! It's a known fact that Nipper's sister Jenny is the queen of the homemade fort (I'm sure she has a sash or a tiara or something), so she's going to have to get out here and start building. 

When I emailed Kathy to tell her that was the cutest, hippest, most unexpected, clever birthday mail surprise. She commented back that she knew I'd be scouring the internet for pretty vintage sheets to make kits for all the kiddos in my life. She knows me so well. I have a whole stash of purse and shoe dust bags that I could embroider the kids name on, because I am a masochist. My estimate is that I'll make two of these before I stab myself in the eye with a fork. 

Fort #237 

Maybe something like these:

I borrowed these from the internet

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  1. Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous!

    My little girl is 16 months old and just coming to the age of fort building, although mommy will most probably have to do all the building. And mostly likely in the same way that we built them when I was a kid, with books on top of the ends (we didn't have fancy clips and in South Africa if I run into a store and ask for clips to build a fort they'll think the civil war has finally come and try and sell me some stone and brick as well. Maybe they'll throw in a canon... mmmm).