Thursday, July 1, 2010

mini me - and Nipper - and Jack

The Nipper Knapps au bois

Doesn't it look Wes Anderson (ish)

As we were wrapping up the pilot, I had to start thinking about our title card and show opening. I think I would henceforth like to be Mrs Nipper Knapp Family Creative Director. Is that too much to ask? Nipper had decided it would be a cold open with no opening song or credits. But we still had to have something that identified the show title. Hum. One day I saw that Broke-Ass Bride tweeted about cute cake toppers. I clicked the link and it led me Urastarhouse's shop on etsy. OH MY GOD PEOPLE. It was like I'd been struck by lightening. I knew in an instant what we were going to do. We were going to have little wooden us made! We were also going to have a Luchador made. Doesn't your family have a luchador? Ours is named Frank. Oh yeeeeah. Here is her listing for our custom couple. Have you ever seen anything like it?

Heather was super game when I contacted her one night like 3 minutes before our deadline. "Hey can you make me this custom family with a Luchador, and can they be in these clothes, and can you beam them here, because I should have shot them yesterday?" Love a girl who can work in a pinch. Not that I know anything about doing anything in a pinch. Here are the pics from her etsy shop. And my pics of when I opened them up when they came in the mail like it was Christmas morning. 

How cute is she with her moo cards and her old fashioned yarn?!

Yes, we are having a Luchador named Frank raise our child. He's very nurturing. 

They have Tostada Tuesday and race pill bugs in the yard

We are a happy family

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  1. Oh my goodness. Your little guy must just LOVE playing with these.