Thursday, April 28, 2011


Nipper is out tonight at a bachelor party. I am home with the boy. We made a new Thomas the Train track in the living room, played legos, had slot car races, ate In&Out burgers, watched Shrek, read SIX (he insisted) books, and now here I am, alone on the couch. I took a shower and ate a quesadilla. F U I'm pregnant, I can eat a burger and a quesadilla if I want to. Every time I have a moment to myself these days I think I'm going to go into labor. But so far, tonight, nothing. Although what I'm about to show you just might start me having contractions. 

You all remember a year ago, when Nipper drove to NEVADA to get me this knotted melati chair from Anthropologie. It was out of stock online, and 75% off in the store, but there were only 2 of them, one in Northern California for full price and the Nevada one for 75% off. He loves me. It's been hanging in our breezeway for the last year, and we sit in it and swing and swing. I had originally planned to hang it in the yard, once we built the deck and pergola, but that's going to take some time. Which is perfect because now there is THIS:


I'm so excited. It's pink and orange and yellow and looks like if a hare krishna was a chair, and I want to sit in it with my two babies wearing a marigold necklace and a Lemlem dress, and OH this is going to be a good summer! 

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