Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Le Grille

Our house came with a built-in outdoor grill. It sounds fancy, but it's not. When I hear the term built-in outdoor grill I think of those fancy brick ovens that have viking mini refrigerators, and they are alway in an olive grove or next to a pool that has a water slide hidden in a succulent garden. Ours is in the driveway, and attached to the garage. 

It was also brick, and the metal parts were painted maroon red, and the sides were pale yellow tile, and the whole thing was FILTHY. It works well, but was pretty ugly. 

A few years ago I asked Roberto to tile it and paint it for me, and as you can imagine by now, he said "No, I think it looks really good". And no I haven't fired him yet, but I'm going to. I'LL DO IT TODAY! SOON. 

Last month I found that little tutorial on how to make decoupage coasters using mod podge hard coat, and it got me thinking that maybe I could just decoupage the tiles on the grill. Then I could paint over the ugly maroon, and voila, still hinky, but much prettier built-in outdoor grill! I found paper that looks like those pretty moroccan tiles they have at Mission Tile that cost 10 kajillion dollars a piece. I am still thinking of painting the whole thing to match the house, but for now the white is a massive improvement, and makes the whole area look brighter and cleaner. 

Now I just need to tile the patio, get new outdoor lighting, and hang some more plants, and it'll be done... until I think of something else. 

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