Saturday, April 16, 2011

hee hee hee hooooooooo

For those of you who follow me on twitter, or have 'liked' my facebook fan page, you know I've been pre-occupied with my impending due date. Not because I'm worried about it. I'm not, but because it's coming up so fast! My pregnancy with Jack seemed to go on forever. This one has flown by. I'm a little sad, because I know this is our last, and I'm trying to savor every moment, good, bad, bladder related. I'm excited to meet the little dude. I'm also scurrying around like something that scurries (thank you pregnancy brain shrinkage) getting the house, Nipper Knapp, and Jack ready for baby.

I went to the doctor Friday and she did her little measurements, and pronounced that the baby was measuring between 7.5-8lbs. Uhm... I have 4 weeks to go. She gave me the caveat that it could be up to a pound off in either direction, but she was guessing no less than 7. Ok, that's fine, I don't mind having a possibly 10lb baby. YES I DO! I like my vagina! It doesn't deserve this! Just kidding. Not really. 

So my friend Kelly sent me an invite to this site Pinterest this week. At first I was all "geez Kelly, I don't have time to go around cataloging the things I like on the web, I'm a mom, and pregnant, and still working (sort of) and, and, and... I've been "pinning" things non stop. It's so easy, and now I have all these little pinboards with things I like for the house, clothes, destinations, books, etc... 

I found this little nest on someone else's pin board. I would camp if tents always looked like this

I'm sort of thinking of it as fantasy football for girls. It's like fantasy lifestyle league. It serves no purpose, takes lots of selecting, and considering, get's you no where, but you can share it with friends, so it's social. I LOVE it! 

the mobile was made by this brilliant woman who just had a baby boy, 

I found this mobile on one of Kelly's pin boards. I have a frame from an old chandelier that was in the house when we moved in. It's hideous, and we replaced it with a nelson bubble lamp. But I kept the frame because I thought I could fix it up somehow. I'm totally going to make it into this dealie, but with lights for my office! SO cute! I just need to pick fabrics, cut out more leaf shapes (kill me now) oh and hope this baby doesn't come in the next 2 weeks, because I still have to finish the lilly pilly tree quilt for Jack's nanny, paint the grill, hang our new street numbers that I got at anthropologie last year, re-pot the big hardenbergia in the yard, build a deck, oh and sleep...

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