Sunday, November 28, 2010

you think YOU have a problem...

Last night my mother sent me a text message saying "DO NOT go into Michael's or Jo-Ann Fabrics or you will be Christmas crafting until Easter". Too late. But I had a COUPON!!!
24 pack of Glitter. I have peridot and anthracite glitter!!!

I had to get some felt for making flowers for one of the THREE wreaths I'm making (inspiration by Knock Knocking, tutorial courtesy of Felt So Cute), and promised Jack we'd make a gingerbread house. Oh and the coupon. It was for 50% off anything from Martha Stewart. A few weeks ago Sadie and I were in Michael's ogling the glitter. We were looking at these tiny little colored glass beads in glass bottles. We didn't know what we'd use them for, but we agreed they were beautiful. We spotted a $30 box of glitter. It had 24 pretty little vials and names like verdelite and feldspar. We laughed at what kind of fool would spend $30 on a box of glitter. We did NOT laugh at what kind of fool reasonable person would spend $15 on it though.

Did I mention the flocking powder in every color? I was strong and was able to resist, but I don't know for how long. Thin of all the things I could flock! 

I could make baby chicks!

or baby blue bunnies!

Ok, last but not least the Gingerbread house. Once we had come to an agreement that Mommy would do all the icing and piping and Jack would do all the cookie placement we were good. Before reaching detente there was a 3 year old pogo stick next to me shouting "Let me do it! Let me do it!" and "I'm going to make the whole thing all by myself!" Never mind that the directions for putting together the walls require holding it carefully in place for 2-3 minutes after quickly piping icing that is roughly the consistency of toothpaste and has the hold of a vice, onto just the bottom and right sides. It then requires the whole thing to set for an hour. Matame! I think he did a great job. Maybe next year I'll get amnesia and do it again...

J is for Jack


  1. I found a kit that has a form base which holds up the walls while preparing. You did have that form didn't you? The house looks great. A+