Thursday, November 4, 2010

Christmas Stockings!

I'm going to do it this year! I'm going to make Christmas stockings for the whole family! It's totally going to happen. I just need to finish Anoushka's mermaid/fairy quilt (pics coming soon, swearsies), finish my sister in law's Hindi tea towels, the curtains I started for our bedroom months ago, oh and FINALLY clean up the pink man cave to show you all pictures. I"M SORRY! No big whoops. Custom stockings are so close I can smell em.

I've been perusing Christmas Fabric for a while now, and had to order from two different places, one of which is in the dog house with me, because they made me pay for fedex shipping (their cheapest option) and then didn't ship for 5 full week days. Boo.

So here's what I got. It's all from Alexander Henry, and I think it's all so cute and retro. Look quick because soon(ish) it's going to be whipped up into the cutest little family pack of stockings for Santa to stuff with goodies.

Oh and for those of you who are all "GEEZ Mrs Nipper Knapp it's ONLY November 3rd, slow down on the Christmas preparations, you're going to burn out!" Pphhhttt. I've actually been planning since August. I'm just letting you in on it now, because I didn't want you to get CHEER fatigue. Gird your loins nerd followers, Santa Claus is coming to town...


  1. I passed by a store yesterday that sells embroidery and yarn. For one split second I thought, "I should go in there. That could be fun."
    And then I laughed at myself because I can't finish my 4 year old's baby quilt.
    But you Rock On Crafty Mom!

    Love the material.


  2. This is the cutest fabirc ever.

  3. I can't continue to be just a stalker of mymomsanerd anymore! I must speak. I absolutely love the Christmas fabric and you posted them in the exact order of preference for me! Have fun making those stockings. Can't wait to see them.
    Brad's sister

  4. I was so inspired, I think I'm going to make Christmas stockings for the whole family! Who cares if my family consists of my boyfriend and two cats.